Sonya has played roles from detective to zombie, not only in film but also prime time TV. Although, she has done many roles, what she is known for has been her main zombie roles in the film 'Zombieland' and the hit TV show 'The Walking Dead'(Season's 1 & 2). Her modeling experience came in handy as a promo zombie for the TV show 'The Walking Dead' and those photos are some of the most seen in the world for advertisement. She has been featured on the magazine covers of Entertainment Weekly, SFX Magazine, SFX's Ultimate Zombie Guide, SFX's A-Z of Zombies, SFX's A-Z of Horror, Film Ink and DVDReview. Her image has also been utilized on posters, tee shirts, bill boards, DVD/Blu Ray covers, trading cards and was also featured in the Walking Dead Comic book issue #75, along side the main cast.

One of her most loved roles was on the webseries 'Lumber Baron of Jasper county' in which she played the role of Sam. Other roles include, Catherine in the movie 'LWA:All Saints' Eve, Alice in the movie 'Chronology starring William Baldwin and Danny Trejo, Victoria Stubaker in the film 'Prosper', Flo in the film 'This Old Machine', Detective Chelsea in 'Ebony Knight', The Under the bed Patient in 'Sick People' starring C Thomas Howell and Jasmine Guy, Mrs Wilkes in 'The Runner', Victoria the librarian in All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest, Jasmine in the film 'Sprout', The receptionist in the movie 'The System', and a detective in the film 'Encuéntrate'. She has appeared in H2 was a dead nurse, Van Wilder Freshman year as a professor, and many more.

Photo Credit: Ashley Thompson
Sonya Thompson
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